Message from the Chairman


It is an honor to have been appointed as chairman at the 6th Regular Meeting held on May 28th.

I have been an executive board member of the Japan Exhibition Association since 2012, having overseen the Human Resource Development Committee since. I am proud that of being able to make a small contribution to the improvement and introduction of the exhibition industry to students who will be the next generation through the internship program.

Now, while listening sincerely to the voices of all the members, I intend to take the lead and make every effort to further develop the exhibition industry in Japan and our association. To accomplish this goal, we need to work on issues such as the lack of new or expansions of our domestic exhibition venues, reinforced relations with oversea related organizations as part of internationalizing exhibitions, grasping the market of the exhibition industry as part of enhancing basic materials, promotion of member benefits of our association, and establishment of safety measures within exhibition venues etc.

Fortunately, for the exhibition venues issues, it is encouraging that Mr. Ishizumi, the former chairman who has been doing this as part of his life work, will continue to be in charge as the honorary chairman.

For other issues, we will work together with the Vice Chairman and Executive board members.

We will do our utmost to work together towards development of the exhibition industry and further advancement of our Association, while asking for your continued support and cooperation.

June 2019
Norihisa Hamada
Japan Exhibition Association