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About JEXA

About us

The Japan Exhibition Association was founded in 1967 as the "Harumi Council," by a group of exhibition organizers. The council gained general corporate judicial personality in 2013, and currently has over 300 members consisting of organizers, show venue management and service, and supporting enterprises, making it one of the largest exhibition industry groups in Japan.

photo:Chuo City Kyobashi Library

Exhibitions bring revitalization to each industry and are promoted globally as an important economic revitalization measure which continuously creates great economic effects such as accommodation, eating and drinking, transportation and employment to the venue.
Particularly, Japan lacks natural resources and in order for it to continue economic development, we believe it is essential for Japan to become an “exhibition nation” where people, goods and information gather from all over the world. We have high aspirations in “contributing to the development of the Japanese economy by hosting exhibitions” and along with the support of all industries, aiming to create a prosperous society and achieve sustainable growth. We strive to achieve the following goals;


Japan Exhibition Association Activities

JEXA aims to make Japan a
- global exhibition power -

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    Create an exhibition which brings significant business benefits to the exhibitors and its visitors.

  • 2

    Promote the creation of exhibitions which bring great economic benefits to the country and the host city of the exhibition.

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    By gathering the wisdom of the those involved in exhibitions, we aim to create an international exhibition with many domestic and overseas exhibitors, visitors and media attracting attention from foreign countries.

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    We will develop exhibition know-how, technology and human resources to promote the status of the exhibition as a profession and industry.

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    We will seek understanding and support of political and administrative personal and work on a wide range of efforts to solve industry issues, such as the expansion of exhibition halls and the development of exhibition infrastructures.

Resource: Annotation from the JEXA 50th Anniversary Declaration